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Hair Donations This Website? What Can You Do?

Did you know?


That you don't have to shave

your head to donate hair!


That you only have to supply a:

Tightly woven braid,

or a secured ponytail,

and it has to be at least

10 full inches in length.


There are many activities that take place in Alberta

each year for cancer, but not always for donating hair.


Many times we see or hear where hair

has been discarded to waste.


Remember, there is always a great need for donated hair.


Please consider the donation of your hair.


Our hopes are to bring awareness to the fight for cancer, encourage people to grow and donate their hair for wigs for cancer patients, and raise funds where possible for support and research.


"Hair 4 Cancer" is a project that began in 2008.


We have and will continue with the website due to the response in donating hair and seeking information.












To learn more about Hair 4 Cancer, clic on the link below:


"Hair 4 Cancer"

You can grow your hair long enough for 10" braids or ponytails!


You can have your event posted on Alberta Cancer Foundation's website!


You can pledge funds! Or seek additional funds!


You can donate funds!


You can purchase a jacket or shirt lettered with hair4cancer.com!


You can pass on an event or parade that could be attended!







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"Hair 4 Cancer"

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